Welcome to my Astrophotography gallery.

My name is Géza Kurczveil, and I have been fascinated with astronomy ever since I was ~12 years old. My interest in this hobby skyrocketed when I bought my first telescope in my early twenties. These days, I am investing more and more time into astrophotography, a hobby that tests my patience and image processing skills every time.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to leave comments and critique.

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CCD Work

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CCD Work

Wild Life

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Wild Life

Maui Day 6

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Maui Day 6

Maui Day 5

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Maui Day 5

Maui Day 4

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Maui Day 4

Maui Day 3

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Maui Day 3

Maui Day 2

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Maui Day 2

Maui Day 1

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Maui Day 1

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