Nice Astrophotos(non-registered)
Really nice job on all of the photos, especially your astrophotography.
Keep up the good work.
Craig Fair(non-registered)
More truly spectacular work Geza.
Again I can't find one that is not a favorite.
Craig Fair
All of you work is truly amazing Geza. I just can't find one to be a true favorite.
Thanks Vince!
Vince Tobin(non-registered)
These are some marvelous astrophotos! I look forward to seeing more.
I'll try to do a better job with descriptions in the future. But isn't part of the 'WOW-effect' not knowing what the heck is going on?
Rahul Jain(non-registered)
Geza, you are AWESOME :)

If you can then try adding some description to the photos. That will help me explain all the WOWs that I say after seeing them :) :)
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