Geza | Maui 2014 Day 3

Created 13-May-14
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Gallery contents:
  • Snorkeling at Coral Gardens
  • Hiking Lahaina Pali Trail

Not pictured:
  • Octopus (it was moving too quickly)
  • Me opening the camera's under water enclosure (while I was in the water) so I could turn off the flash
  • A collision with another snorkeler
  • Field mice
  • Turtles swimming right in front of our balcony

The Coral shots were exposed correctly this time. The color information seems to be lost on the images where the coral is far away from the camera. I'll try to restore the color once I have access to Photoshop again.

The dive boat that you see in some of the coral/fish shots is also shown in some of the pictures from the hike.

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