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DG171 and surroundings

This is an area in Cygnus that's packed with dark nebulas and a hand full of bright nebulas too. Near the top left and top right you can also see some poorly defined open star clusters.

The dark nebulas are: LDN 978, 981, 982, 984, 985, 987, 988, 991, 1000.

The bright nebulas are: LBN 408 (DG170), 409 (DG169), 410, 411 (DG171), and 412.

Also included at the end of one of the small dark nebula lanes (almost exactly at image center) is star V1331 Cyg, which is surrounded by a nebula - you'll have download the image and view it at 100% to see it clearly.

Technical details:
Date: August 3, 2013
Time: 10:00 am - ~1:00 am
Camera: SBIG STF-8300M
CCD Temperature: -7 C
Optics: Takahashi Sky 90 II @ 406 mm fl (f/4.5)
Filter: Astronomik L
Light frames: 22x5 min
Dark frames: none
Flat frames: 11
Binning: 1x1
Guiding: Orion SSAG @ Orion finder (~162 mm)
Mount: Losmandy GM-8
Dithering: Manual
Processing: Stacking in DeepSkyStacker, Curves and Levels PSCS6.

Other notes:
Sub arcsecond guiding all night long.

The CCD must have developed an issue between my last session and this session. I now hear a clicking sound at the start and end of every exposure. The flat frames have also changed considerably. Hopefully it's an easy fix.

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DG171 and surroundings