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Beyond IC59/63

Here we have the region around Gamma Cassiopeia. Gamma Cass. is the star at the top center and you can see two bright but small nebulae, IC59 and IC63, right next to it. A much fainter but larger nebula can be seen stretching to the bottom of the frame. To the best of my knowledge this faint nebula is Sh2-185.

To go this deep, I had to go 'all in', requiring 3x3 binning and thus a big loss in resolution. I'm very happy with the result though. Especially when considering that this was shot at 55mm aperture.

Technical details:
Date: Sept. 15-16, 2012
Time: 10pm - 2am
Camera: SBIG STF-8300M
CCD Temperature: -5C
Lens: Canon 200mm f/2.8 stopped down to 55mm
Filter: Astrodon 5nm H-alpha
Light frames: 12x20 min
Dark frames: 8
Flat frames: 10
Binning: 3x3
Guiding: Orion SSAG @ 80/400mm Orion Short tube
Mount: Losmandy GM-8
Dithering: Manual
Processing: Stacking in DeepSkyStacker, Curves and Levels PSCS5.

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Beyond IC59/63