Taken 15-Jul-12
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Alkurhah revisited

This is the same region as in the previous picture except this time the moon was not interfering.

Technical details:
Date: July 14th-15, 2012
Time: 11:20pm - 3am
Camera: SBIG STF-8300M
CCD Temperature: -10C
Lens: Canon 200mm f/2.8 stopped down to 55mm
Filter: Astrodon 5nm H-alpha
Light frames: 10x20 min
Dark frames: 20
Flat frames: 20
Guiding: Orion SSAG @ 80/400mm Orion Short tube
Mount: Losmandy GM-8
Dithering: Manual
Processing: Stacking in DeepSkyStacker, Curves, levels, and 'light' carboni actions in PSCS5.

Other notes:

Figueroa mountain always has a trick up its sleeve. This time I saw very bright lights around the North-East horizon. It looked as if there was blue lightning just below the horizon. However, I didn't hear any thunder and satellite images revealed not a single cloud in a 200 mi radius, so I don't think it was a regular thunderstorm. It didn't appear to be from a music event either, as there was no rhythm to the these flashes. In addition some of these flashes were more concentrated while others spanned up to 45 degrees along the horizon. My friend Joseph suggested that this lightning could have been related to earthquakes (http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v228/n5273/abs/228759a0.html). The closest earthquake reported in CA that day was in Taft. This is approximately the right direction but way too far for nobody else to have reported it. I'll keep my eyes open.

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Alkurhah revisited